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Do you have any products for down-the-hole hammers?

Yes, we have biodegradable hammer oil, Quik-Foam, down-the-hole (DTH) bits, cyclone sample splitters and many other accessories for both conventional air rotary, in-the-hole, and reverse circulation drilling.

I have a cubex drill. Do you have drill rods for this?

Certainly! We have #21, #24 and #28 thread drill rods available.

We run into artesian water pressure when drilling. What can we do about that?

We recommend using Baroid-41 weight material, it counteracts water flow and pressure where ever encountered.

What can I do about water seeping out around the casing Outer Diameter (OD)?

We definitely recommend Bentonite chips, grout and granules. They’re perfect for blocking the influx of water around the casing, all of which we have available in stock.

We’ve had a lot of trouble in our area getting casing through the unstable ground. What can we do about that?

We’ve had great success with the Super Max casing advancer system, it’s a good thing we have it in stock right now.

What if we run into issues on the drill site? Can you help us?

Yes! We offer ON-SITE consultations. One of our experts can come directly to your drill site and answer any questions or offer advice on any aspect of the job.